a review of The Selection

Read this book in a day, mostly because it’s not too long of a book, but also because I really wanted to find out what happened! It’s not the typical book that I would read, but it was very pleasant and an honest depiction of what the world could turn out to be if things keep going the way they are. People are obsessed with vanity, popularity, and there is also a lot of war in the world. The way the classes are also shown in the book are very much like today as well, and I agree with the Queen in the book: if more underprivileged people were given access to better education and nutritious food, their might be less crime. The main protagonist, America, is very true to herself, and I always appreciate that in a main character. She is stubborn and frustrating at times, but I can’t hate her for it because we as humans tend to be the same. I also feel the same way about Prince Maxon. He is a prince and all but I just don’t know how to completely feel about him after reading the first book. I hope he reveals a little bit more of his character in the second book, which I’m honestly looking forward to reading!

a review of The Selection

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