a review of Winter

Wow, just wow. What a thrilling and amazing and brutal finish to this absolutely crazy but awesome series. The final book: Winter was everything I wanted and more. Every chapter had me holding my breath and blood pressure up! It was great seeing all the characters from the previous books finally coming together full circle despite the rough patches and complications in each chapter. I think because of the complications, each character grew stronger in their own right. I also love that Marissa Meyer is not cookie cutter about anything. Although she based each book on a fairy tale and the princess in each one, the girl protagonists were far from their original counterparts. Each girl, Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter had to go through their own struggles and lose plenty in the process, and let me say the process was far from beautiful. People lost many things dear to them, but it did not deter from the main mission. Especially in this book where we got to know Winter better. I loved that despite her mental illness, people saw her still as a person, as a human being. Yes she was a danger to herself and others at some point but it didn’t stop her from making friends especially Scarlet, who had no time for her “crazy” as she put it herself. Scarlet knew deep down that Winter was capable of so much more than just her beauty (unlike the original Snow White) and she could overcome her mental illness with strength, determination and most importantly… kindness. Of course out of all the girls, Cinder will forever be my number 1. From the very first book she captured my heart with her attitude and concern for all life. I will definitely miss all the characters dearly. To name a few would be Kai and his compassion and of course Captain Thorne (my other favorite)… I will forever hold his charming vigilante ways in my heart. If I were ever to meet this guy in person, I am not too prideful to admit that I would probably swoon just like every girl in the galaxy. Hoorah Marissa Meyer for taking me on a roller coaster of emotions and making me feel all sorts of feels. Long live Queen Selene!

a review of Winter

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