a review of City of Heavenly Fire

*Claps hands slowly and dramatically

I started off not really interested in this series, but I’m beyond happy that I read it and got to know the characters so well. I could literally feel them grow and change and get better with each book and the final book was the cherry on top; actually it was the whole sundae. I’m trying not to cry while I type this review/ rant, but I can’t help it, I love when books stir something inside of me that I can’t quite name and there was so many heart breaking moments, it was difficult keeping it together when it seemed that all hope would be lost. My heart hurts for Jonathan Morgenstern, just a tad bit more than Simon and Jordan. Even from the moment Jonathan/ Sebastian was introduced, I felt sorry for him and sorry that Clary could never have the brother that she wanted. The last couple of chapter just shattered the pieces of my heart that were already broken. I also don’t think I’ve ever quoted a series as much as I did with The Mortal Instruments. Cassandra Clare has a special place in my heart now and I am so happy with the way she wrapped everything up and not trying to spoil anything but I’m beyond glad that the series ends with a happy ending; the characters and the readers deserve it after SIX books. I am very very upset to see this series go and will be very hesitant to pickup another book…

Any recommendations? 

a review of City of Heavenly Fire

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