Neurotic Book Lover’s Society Book Pick for the month of February: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell! I absolutely enjoyed Eleanor & Park and Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, so I am super excited to see what is beneath the covers of this book. Especially since so many of us work in an office environment and are subject to nosey IT guys. (I would hate to see what they think about the emails that I send to my friends.) 

Any who; the two runner ups were: Horns By Joe Hill and Beautiful Disaster by Jaime McGuire; both equally amazing. Although I have read Beautiful Disaster and I don’t think I can go through that emotional roller coaster again… Horns with Daniel Radcliffe playing the lead role (EEK!) was made into a movie and I am definitely one of those people that has to read the book before I see the movie. So I will probably still read it… just saying. 

I’ll be posting updates on my progress on my Goodreads! 

Happy reading! 

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